Your grandchildren are visiting you at the old folk's home. Relive and pass on your best memories.


  • In each story/minigame, there is no win condition. Each game is there to service as a fun way to proceed through the dialogue. A game ends when the dialogue is complete.
  • In the surfing minigame, you cannot actually help out grandpa from the sea, just attempt to pick him up to continue the dialogue and story until the end.
  • In the lullaby minigame, you must hold the left or right arrow key all the way to the end, where you'll see a blue pulse, then do this for the opposite direction. Dialogue proceeds after you do two pulses (one left, one right) — repeat.

Watch the video on YouTube if you are on mobile: 

For the #48secret jam themes: dying + time, completed in 12 hours in Pico-8, including all music and art.


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This is a really nice game, very heartfelt. The music was great!!!

This game makes me a little teary. It's wonderful and has a strong message. Thanks! 

thanks for playing and sharing your video!

What a lovely little game this was.
Thank you for creating it! :D

thanks Paul! That means a lot!